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Economics & Markets

Is South Africa being left behind?

In this webinar, STANLIB’s chief economist, Kevin Lings, shares insightful views in his discussion on the unparalleled growth story across various developed and emerging economies and where South Africa could stumble or lead.

Economics & Markets

Corporate Cash webinar

In this webinar, guest speaker, Stephen McGown, shares his experience and learnings from being held captive in the Sahara Desert for six years.

Economics & Markets

Global trade’s remarkable recovery

Global trade represents approximately 30% of global GDP. The world’s economic performance, especially global industrial production, is closely linked to the performance of global trade.

2021 Investment Forum

Optimism, growth and good policy

This year, “inflation” is one of the words most bandied about in markets. For some investors it is a concern, and for others it represents an opportunity.

Investing perspectives

Offshore assets

Offshore Assets

Fashion sashays into the circular economy

The textile industry is one of the most polluting in the world, emitting more CO₂ than aviation and shipping combined. But a leading sports firm is showing a way the sector can embrace radical change.

Local assets

Local assets

Taking the lead on credit

Tarryn Sankar plays a pivotal role in managing credit in Fixed Income investment team at STANLIB, which is responsible for ensuring that any credit risk clients are exposed to achieves a balance between appropriate risk and reward.

Local assets

STANLIB Perspectives on South African Listed Property

In this webinar, STANLIB’s Head of Listed Property, Keillen Ndlovu and Senior Portfolio Manager, Nesi Chetty, provide insightful views and answer some hard questions covering dynamics across the retail property sector.



Investing in Fixed Income

Considered a less risky alternative to owning shares, investors are attracted by the opportunity to earn relatively stable returns, collect a regular and certain income while aiming to beat inflation.

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Diversification is a universal investment principle. We understand that this thinking goes beyond diversification across asset classes, geographies and currencies to meet investors’ needs for more security, greater returns and more impact. That is why we value diversity around areas like gender, thought, perspective and expertise. This diversity allows us to find more opportunity, for more growth, more often.

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