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Economics & Markets

Economics & Markets

Is South Africa being left behind?

In this webinar, STANLIB’s chief economist, Kevin Lings, shares insightful views in his discussion on the unparalleled growth story across various developed and emerging economies and where South Africa could stumble or lead.

Economics & Markets

Corporate Cash webinar

In this webinar, guest speaker, Stephen McGown, shares his experience and learnings from being held captive in the Sahara Desert for six years.

Economics & Markets

Global trade’s remarkable recovery

Global trade represents approximately 30% of global GDP. The world’s economic performance, especially global industrial production, is closely linked to the performance of global trade.

2021 Investment Forum

Optimism, growth and good policy

This year, “inflation” is one of the words most bandied about in markets. For some investors it is a concern, and for others it represents an opportunity.

US federal reserve
Economics & Markets

Not your grandfather’s Fed…

The US Fed has made a major change in policy by moving to an average inflation target and reinforcing inclusive employment goals, STANLIB’s Multi-Strategy team explores the impact of this policy change.

Economics & Markets

The Structure of Market Drawdowns: Part II

The structure of market drawdowns is an interesting concept to inform
investment decisions. This is particularly relevant as we continue to grapple with the ongoing temporary slowdowns in economic activity worldwide and protracted market uncertainty.

Economics & Markets

Green shoots for South Africa’s growth

The South African economy has gone through a difficult time in the last couple of years. It has experienced rising unemployment, persistently low economic growth, rampant corruption, a systematically weakening fiscal position, and a clear lack of policy direction.