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Economics & Markets

Economics & Markets

2023 InPerspective | Webinar

Following several years of volatility and uncertainty, 2023 promises to bring more challenges and opportunities.

In this webinar, our experts, Kevin Lings and Warren Buhai, shared their views on what investors can expect this year and beyond. They also provided fresh ideas and thinking, which we can apply to investing today, as they unpacked key macro themes and what these mean for markets and investors.

Economics & Markets

Taking stock of the SA and global economy

In this webinar, STANLIB’s Chief Economist, Kevin Lings, reflected on local and global economic challenges and shared his views on what the second half of 2022 could hold.

Economics & Markets

Market behaviours and recessions

2022 has seen significant index declines from a January peak. The market is potentially pricing in a recession given an increasingly hawkish Fed

Economics & Markets

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – An Economic Update

In this webinar, chief economist, Kevin Lings, and J.P. Morgan Asset Management economist, Mike Bell, provided an update on recent developments and the implications for local and global financial markets.

Cryptoassets Q&A
Economics & Markets

Q&A: Where to from here with Cryptoassets?

As the crypto industry reaches almost US$3 trillion (at 31 October 2021) and there are more than 6 000 different cryptocurrencies available, should these assets form part of a long-term diversified portfolio?