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Our funds and solutions
Our fund range offers you choice without complexity. Learn more about the funds you are interested in.

Our funds

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Our funds have been packaged into solutions for your benefit

STANLIB Multi-Manager

A complete range of multi-managed solutions, which are designed to meet your investment goals.

STANLIB 1invest

A specialist index fund manager with one of the widest passive fund product ranges in the South African market, offering Unit Trusts and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) across various asset classes and geographies.

Invest tax-free

A simple savings solution with no tax on interest, dividends or capital gains.


Investing for retirement

Invest in a simple, transparent and cost effective solution to help you save for your retirement.

Unit Trust investing

A simple and easy way to grow, protect or earn an income from your savings by investing cash in a unit trust fund, in exchange for units.

Our platform

Invest your clients in our savings and retirement products, which provide access to a wide variety of investment managers.

Our partner funds

Our unit trust investment partners.
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