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Investing Locally

Investing Locally

2024: more to come from bonds

Despite a surge in bond prices towards the end of 2023, we retain a positive outlook on US government bonds at their current yields, and believe that South African government bonds (SAGBs) have more to give over the coming year.

Energy Reform Brings Winds of Change
Business Update

STANLIB enters into a partnership to bring much-needed energy to SA’s business sector

STANLIB Infrastructure Investments, through the STANLIB Infrastructure Fund II, has joined hands with two long-standing and well-established partners to create an innovative new renewable energy platform, Lyra Energy. The partnership will further enhance its clients’ ability to have an impact through their investments.

Investing Locally

Township Retail – the New Growth Engine for South African Property

South African townships buzz with an informal economy, unseen in official data but booming, nonetheless. “Spaza shops,” street vendors, barbers, and more cater to residents’ daily needs. Despite Covid-19, retail tenants in townships even outperformed those in wealthier areas, showcasing the informal “kasi” economy’s strength and potential.

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Investing Locally

Navigating real estate investments – stay put or go abroad?

Property is often viewed as a homogenous asset class, but every asset presents a unique balance of risk and reward; the decision to allocate between domestic and offshore markets is complex and demands thorough deliberation.