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Intelligent investing
Our strategic partnership with J.P. Morgan Asset Management gives your money access to more growth potential. Invest to gain access to opportunities across broader markets, and leverage the depth of expertise, access to a global research team and a proven long-term track record these teams of investment professionals offer.
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Our core funds


Your primary investment goal is to generate income, and potentially some capital growth as well. Our Income Funds offer solutions to meet your income needs.

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Stable growth

Capital growth and capital protection are important objectives for you. Our investment solutions deliver stable returns over the medium to longer term, underpinned by a spread of local and offshore assets.

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Your primary need is for long-term capital growth. You are willing to endure short-term turbulence in markets to give your money more growth potential.

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You understand the need to diversify your investments to reduce risk and take advantage of the vast opportunities offered by global markets. Our offshore range includes fixed income, balanced and equity funds.

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Our funds have been packaged into solutions for your benefit

Invest tax-free

A simple savings solution with no tax on interest, dividends or capital gains.


Investing for retirement

Invest in a simple, transparent and cost effective solution to help you save for your retirement.

Unit Trust investing

A simple and easy way to grow, protect or earn an income from your savings by investing cash in a unit trust fund, in exchange for units.

Our platform

Invest your clients in our savings and retirement products, which provide access to a wide variety of investment managers.

Our daily Unit Trust fund prices


The skies are darkening over the global economy as we approach the halfway point of the year. Although there are signs that inflation is cooling, the stress in the banking sector has increased the risk of a US recession, the war in Ukraine still threatens broader geopolitical tensions and China’s post-reopening economic surge in Q1 is already losing momentum.

Invest for more returns.
When you have access to global markets, the world is your oyster. With a sea of investment possibilities across different markets, how do you know where to find the oysters with pearls? We partner with leading global asset managers to find the pearls in the right place at the right time. Invest for more returns and a more promising future.
Invest for more impact.
Money can do more than make more money. It can turn potential into real possibility, with investments that have a tangible impact on the economy and a meaningful difference to people’s lives. Learn how we are doing more to help achieve some of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, like No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Quality Education, Clean Energy, Economic Growth and Reduced Inequality.
Invest with more certainty.
How can your money do more to look after you one day in a volatile global economy? You can navigate uncertainty with our dynamic team of highly skilled investors, who have a strong focus on risk management, to give your money a broad view on the opportunities across markets. Make sound investments that deliver stable returns during uncertain times.




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