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Investing perspectives

Investing Locally

2024: more to come from bonds

Despite a surge in bond prices towards the end of 2023, we retain a positive outlook on US government bonds at their current yields, and believe that South African government bonds (SAGBs) have more to give over the coming year.

Investing Locally

Township Retail – the New Growth Engine for South African Property

South African townships buzz with an informal economy, unseen in official data but booming, nonetheless. “Spaza shops,” street vendors, barbers, and more cater to residents’ daily needs. Despite Covid-19, retail tenants in townships even outperformed those in wealthier areas, showcasing the informal “kasi” economy’s strength and potential.

Investing Offshore

Global Equity Views 4Q 2023 | J.P. Morgan Asset Management

J.P. Morgan Asset Management is STANLIB Asset Management’s strategic offshore partner, offering South African investors an opportunity to gain access to significant global reach and depth of expertise.

Investing Offshore

The allure of investing offshore

‘This is an incredibly fruitful environment for stock pickers, and this volatility can throw up some tremendous opportunities’: Amit Parmar – JP Morgan Asset Management International Equity Group.