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Investing perspectives

Listed property webinar
Investing Locally

Navigating real estate investments – stay put or go abroad?

Property is often viewed as a homogenous asset class, but every asset presents a unique balance of risk and reward; the decision to allocate between domestic and offshore markets is complex and demands thorough deliberation.

Investing perspectives

Multi-asset investing through a different lens

South African investors have experienced a reduction in returns from traditional balanced funds over the last few years, with the 5-year rolling return declining over time.

Investing perspectives

In conversation with Rademeyer Vermaak: A masterclass on multi-style investing

Since 2016, STANLIB’s Enhanced Multi Style Equity Fund has combined human ingenuity and world-class data analytics to deliver consistent, market-beating returns at low cost. Citywire rates Rademeyer Vermaak, the Head of STANLIB Systematic Solutions, as one of the top equity portfolio managers in SA. We find out how he and his team approach investing.

Investing perspectives

Food price inflation is easing in the rest of the world – but not in SA

South African mobsters seem to want to get their hands on a new category of valuables: cooking oil. Willowton Group, the maker of Sunfoil cooking oil, suffered several robberies in October 2022. Gunmen stormed a facility in Durban and three loaded trucks were stolen from a warehouse in Kempton Park.

Investing perspectives

Five reasons why sustainability matters even more in 2023

Welcome to the second year of the era of chaos, where interest rates are no longer negative and inflation is no longer a textbook concept. In this brave new world, there continues to be a growing appetite for investing in a more sustainable future. However,
sustainable investing has – for the first time – begun to come under extensive scrutiny from not only investors and activists, but also from regulators and policy makers.

Investing Offshore

Bonds are Back

Following a global wave of inflation and the steepest rate hiking cycle in memory, global bond yields are at levels not seen since before the Global Financial Crisis of 2007.

Investing perspectives

STANLIB Income Fund: Investing through the cycles, and staying nimble

Income funds offer good risk-adjusted returns with lower volatility than other asset classes, especially in times of macroeconomic uncertainty. In a world of sticky inflation, rising interest rates and slowing growth, the STANLIB Fixed Income team has the experience and the tactical agility to protect and grow investors’ capital.