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Corporate Cash Solutions

Effectively manage your company’s cash with conservative cash management solutions that provide attractive returns and high levels of liquidity.

Inactive cash is a squandered resource

Do you agree that inactive cash is a squandered opportunity? Are you optimising your company’s cash returns?

Let STANLIB assist you in optimising your cash, helping you to:

  • maximise returns
  • maintain liquidity
  • safeguard capital

Solutions for your day-to-day and bespoke cash needs

Our Corporate Cash Solutions support treasuries in South Africa to achieve these objectives, and meet your liquidity, capital and diversification needs.



Our targeted core fund range is designed to support your company’s operational, core and strategic cash needs, offering competitive returns. Additionally, we can tailor solutions for Mining Rehabilitation Trusts and support entities with bespoke cash requirements.

Helping you to optimise your cash

Short-term and operational  cash needs

Medium-term core and strategic cash needs

Longer-term strategic
cash needs

Our core funds

STANLIB Corporate Money Market Fund

This fund is ideal for companies needing short-term and operational cash solutions with same-day liquidity.

It’s conservative, investing only in South African money market instruments from banks and government, with a maximum maturity of 13 months and an average duration under 90 days.

STANLIB Corporate Enhanced Yield Fund

This fund is ideal for corporates with core cash positions of three months or more and provides for next day liquidity.


The fund is conservative and can only invest in banks and government money market instruments. The fund targets a duration below 180 days with a maximum instrument maturity of five years.

STANLIB Extra Income Fund

This fund suits investors who need a reasonable level of income but would like to protect their capital invested within a medium-term investment environment.


The fund is highly diversified and will invest mainly in SA credit, with a large allocation to SA banks. The fund invests predominantly in floating rate notes to reduce the volatility of returns for investors.

Best-practice technology for fast, secure access

Our global best practice technology will give you access to up-to-date information on your cash balances, performance, and investments. It will also allow you to transact easily and securely, from anywhere in the world.

Our team of informed client managers provide ongoing, personalised support.

Our team

Our dedicated team of client fund managers are responsible for distributing STANLIB’s capabilities and providing top quality service to all our corporate clients.

Charlene Klohn

Head of Cash Solutions

011 448 5019
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Ntombi Msimang

Client Experience Specialist

011 448 6852
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O’lerato Veti

Client Fund Manager

011 448 5581
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Benedicta Nkutha

Client Experience

011 448 6674
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