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Unit trust investing
A simple and easy way to grow, protect or earn an income from your savings by investing cash in a unit trust fund, in exchange for units.

The ownership of units means investors are able to invest in a portfolio of assets such as shares or bonds and pooled together in a fund. These assets are selected and managed by professional portfolio managers according to a defined fund objective. There are typically a large number of investors in each unit trust fund and each fund will vary significantly in size depending on the nature and attractiveness of the fund.

Buying, selling and pricing

Investors may buy or sell units in a fund at any time. It’s important to consider investment goals and time horizon before transacting.

The price of each unit is determined by the value of the assets within the fund at a point in time and an investor would expect the price to increase over time as the assets within the fund grow in value. All investments in a unit trust are valued at a set time every day and a unit price created. This is the daily unit price and any transactions for that day will be made at that price.

What do unit trusts offer you?

The main benefits of investing in a unit trust are as follows:

Choosing a STANLIB Fund

STANLIB’s retail fund range focuses on the needs of our investors, providing sufficient choice without complexity. Whether you are growing your capital or drawing an income from your investment, STANLIB has a unit trust fund for you.