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STANLIB partners with J.P. Morgan Asset Management and creates more access to opportunities

STANLIB announced today that it has forged a powerful strategic partnership with the highly-recognised global asset management group, J.P. Morgan Asset Management (JPMAM), which will have a number of direct benefits for clients.

The partnership will enable STANLIB to offer a broader range of market-leading products to its clients, developed jointly with JPMAM. The first of these is planned for launch in the first quarter of next year.


STANLIB will have the exclusive right to distribute JPMAM’s global investment products in SA. These products have a track record, and will advance and contribute to sustainable outcomes.


STANLIB will also enjoy the benefit of access to JPMAM’s investment insights, thought leadership and other communications, which can be shared with the local market.


Under the partnership agreement, JPMAM will become STANLIB’s primary strategic offshore partner, providing investment management capabilities to complement STANLIB’s existing offshore offering. This will allow STANLIB to benefit from JPMAM’s expertise in running a world-class investment business, while remaining fully in control of the way it constructs its investment capabilities and product offerings in the local market.


“The power of this partnership combines the depth, breadth and scale of JPMAM’s expertise across asset classes and products with our local capabilities and complementary skills,” STANLIB CEO Derrick Msibi said. “We believe this will progress the future of asset management in Africa.”


Read more about the partnership and observations from STANLIB and JPMAM’s leadership here.

Listen to our podcast below

Giles Heeger, Executive: Asset Management at STANLIB, chats with MoneywebNOW host, Simon Brown about the recent alliance with global active asset managers J.P. Morgan Asset Management and why this is different from other partnerships. With this alliance, J.P. Morgan Asset Management will add value to STANLIB’s investment and distribution capabilities, as well as enable it to extend its product offering.