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Business overview

We aim to adopt the best values and techniques as practiced internationally into the Eswatini investment management industry. Our main areas of business:

We do this through a variety of both domestic and offshore investment instruments for Corporates, Governments & Parastatals, International Organizations and Non Governmental Organizations.

We believe that we are able to add value to the treasury and cash management functions of any institution through active investment management.


Institutional investors can enjoy the following benefits:


  • Competitive Yield – we can provide a competitive yield thus enhancing investment returns and ultimately stretching your resources. We believe that this is an important aspect of our service. Unlike a traditional commercial bank our goal is not to fund our book from client’s assets but to optimise client returns
  • Return on Investment – we seek to generate a total annualised rate of return above the agreed benchmark. The investment portfolio shall be designed with the objective of attaining a REAL RATE OF RETURN on its investments consistent with the constraints imposed by its safety objectives and cash flow considerations
  • Safety – several attributes lend themselves to the safety and security of assets:
    • Assets are held off our balance sheet and in the client’s name to enhance transparency
    • Principal/fixed income investments: The assets will be held in near cash instruments ensuring principal/capital protection at a minimum.
  • Liquidity – portfolios will comprise of term deposits which will be selected and managed with active client participation and input into the investments to ensure adequate liquidity at all times
  • Client Oversight – our feedback on the investment guidelines and parameters is primarily to the clients.

Our strategy

Our vision is to remain Eswatini’s most highly respected asset manager and financial services provider.

We strive to remain Eswatini’s leading institutional asset manager by assets under management, differentiating through superior customer service, and harnessing stakeholder synergies and the aforementioned will be achieved through continuing building relationships with our institutional and corporate clients, and remaining relevant to our market through marketing campaigns and advertising.

For more information, download our STANLIB Eswatini company brochure here.