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Investing perspectives

Multi-asset investing through a different lens

South African investors have experienced a reduction in returns from traditional balanced funds over the last few years, with the 5-year rolling return declining over time.

Investing perspectives

STANLIB Income Fund: Investing through the cycles, and staying nimble

Income funds offer good risk-adjusted returns with lower volatility than other asset classes, especially in times of macroeconomic uncertainty. In a world of sticky inflation, rising interest rates and slowing growth, the STANLIB Fixed Income team has the experience and the tactical agility to protect and grow investors’ capital.

Economics & Markets

2023 InPerspective | Webinar

In this webinar, Kevin Lings and Warren Buhai, share their views on what investors can expect in 2023 and beyond. They provide fresh ideas and unpack key macro themes and what these mean for markets and investors.

Local assets

A long term outlook with JPMAM

As we prepare to leave the market upheavals of 2022 behind, it is time to consider what lies beyond.
In this webinar, John Bilton, Head of Global Multi-Asset Strategy, and Thushka Maharaj, Multi-Asset Strategist, from J.P. Morgan Asset Management.

Local assets

Global and local economies under pressure

In this webinar STANLIB’s Chief Economist, Kevin Lings discusses the local and global economic environment and shares his views on what may lie ahead.

Global equities market volatility update
Offshore Assets

Offshore investing: Navigating a high inflation and low growth environment

In this webinar, Michael Bell, Global Market Strategist at J.P. Morgan Asset Management and Caroline Keen, Portfolio Manager within the J.P. Morgan Asset Management International Equity Group, discussed their views on the market environment and how they are navigating uncertainty while finding investment opportunities.