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Personal financial planning
Investing perspectives

Personal Financial Planning [webinar]

In this webinar, Dr Liezel Alsemgeest, Henda Steyn and Dr Prince Sarpong, provide valuable insights into financial planning

Economics & Markets

Is South Africa being left behind?

In this webinar, STANLIB’s chief economist, Kevin Lings, shares insightful views in his discussion on the unparalleled growth story across various developed and emerging economies and where South Africa could stumble or lead.

Economics & Markets

Corporate Cash webinar

In this webinar, guest speaker, Stephen McGown, shares his experience and learnings from being held captive in the Sahara Desert for six years.

Multi-Style investing
Investing perspectives

STANLIB Enhanced Multi Style Equity [Webinar]

In this webinar, STANLIB Index Investments’ COO, Wehmeyer Ferreira and Head of Portfolio Management, Rademeyer Vermaak, provide an in-depth outline of the investment process, the team and the advantages of investing.

SAA Privitisation
Investing perspectives

Investing perspectives in a recovering world

In this webinar, STANLIB’s Multi-Strategy Portfolio Manager, Peter van der Ross and Senior Quantitative Strategist, Michael Streatfield provide insightful research as we venture into the second half of 2021.

Local assets

STANLIB Perspectives on South African Listed Property

In this webinar, STANLIB’s Head of Listed Property, Keillen Ndlovu and Senior Portfolio Manager, Nesi Chetty, provide insightful views and answer some hard questions covering dynamics across the retail property sector.

Investing perspectives

Balanced and Equity: An update from our portfolio managers

In this webinar, STANLIB’s Head of Research, Andrew Cuffe, Senior Portfolio Manager, Kobus Nell and Analyst, Fred Teeling-Smith, provide an update on a shifting environment and relevance of investing in SA’s quality businesses