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Multi-asset investing through a different lens

South African investors have experienced a reduction in returns from traditional balanced funds over the last few years, with the 5-year rolling return declining over time.
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Marius Oberholzer

Marius Oberholzer

Head of Multi Strategy

Our most recent webinar focused on the evolution of multi-asset investing and how we need to be alive to the reality that delivering consistent multi-asset returns aligned with clients’ expected investment outcomes demands a more dynamic approach.

Marius Oberholzer unpacked STANLIB’s distinctive multi-asset investment philosophy and process which is geared for greater flexibility, with access to broader asset allocation opportunities, across multiple asset classes and sub strategies, as well as a strong underlying risk management process.


The team is designed around diversity of thinking and backgrounds and benefits from our strategic offshore partnership with J.P. Morgan Asset Management, which acts as an extension of our investment team.


The team’s guiding philosophy is that all assets are risk assets, depending on where you are in the cycle. Diversification and focused risk management matters, and our asset allocation process works hard to make sure our portfolios are truly diversified, and all risks are considered and actively managed.

The STANLIB Multi-Strategy team assumed accountability for the STANLIB Balanced and STANLIB Balanced Cautious funds on 1 April 2023 and have added the portfolios into their sizeable pool of multi-asset capabilities. These funds will be managed within the Multi-Strategy team’s existing and well-established investment process. 

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