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Investing perspectives

Different Lenses: Viewing a Portfolio as a Stock

In this webinar, Rademeyer Vermaak and Vanessa Mathebula, shared insights and provided a guide on how you can view any portfolio as if it were a stock, and from that infer an expected performance profile.

Local assets

Is there value in the domestic bond market?

Financial markets will have to contend with more uncertainty and volatility this year, as major central banks take the lead in tightening global financial conditions to avoid falling behind the curve in their responses.

Investing perspectives

Why digitalisation matters

Digitalisation has been a key topic for many years, if not decades. Its impact on a company’s prospects is regarded with varying degrees of seriousness

Life after Covid
Economics & Markets

Where to from here? [Charticle]

What could economic growth look like in 2022? This question arises as we potentially head into a postcrisis
era where the COVID pandemic becomes “the flu” and we adapt to living with it.

Local assets

Taking the lead on credit

Tarryn Sankar plays a pivotal role in managing credit in Fixed Income investment team at STANLIB, which is responsible for ensuring that any credit risk clients are exposed to achieves a balance between appropriate risk and reward.