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Economics & Markets

Presidential stimulus measures bring some hope

President Ramaphosa’s “new dawn”, announcement of the economic stimulus and recovery plan and pledge to turn the tide on corruption has created optimism. Share on linkedin

Investing perspectives

Getting the best of both worlds

Investors are eager to move their funds offshore after the recent rand weakening. But it is easy to ignore the flexibility offered by a South African

Investing perspectives

Is web 2.0 becoming dotcom 2.0?

Share on linkedin Share on facebook Share on twitter Visit STANLIB’s News & Insights page for more articles One of my favourite movies of all time

Investing perspectives

Put your money to work for you and others

All long-term investors want their money to grow, but many are not solely returns-driven. Increasingly, investors such as family offices, foundations and philanthropic endowments are already

Economics & Markets

Creating the right climate for growth

South Africa continues to face significant socio-economic challenges, many of which have worsened in recent years. Share on linkedin Share on facebook Share on twitter Visit

Local assets

Opportunity knocks in bond markets

In a mere matter of days in mid-June, Ramaphoria was wiped off the face of the rand. Between end-February and mid-June, the rand lost 20% against

Economics & Markets

Land expropriation is critical for SA’s future

Land redistribution is a critical and sensitive issue in South Africa, with wide implications for the social, economic and political performance of the country, demanding Government’s urgent attention.