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Investing perspectives

Machine learning is another tool, not The Tool

As we head into a new decade, the potential and increasing application of artificial intelligence (AI) to assist with investment decision-making and improve the accuracy of our investment choices continues to receive a lot of attention.

Offshore Assets

Improving outlook for risk assets

The downturn in industrial output is bottoming out and corporate earnings – powered by rate cuts in the US and Europe – are about to accelerate.

Local assets

South African Equities: value or value trap

South African investors have enjoyed phenomenal returns over the last 2-3 decades, as local equity returns outpaced those of most equity markets around the world.

Economics & Markets

Moody’s credit ratings announcement

Over the last 10 years, compensation of public sector employees has become one of the largest components of government spending. Share on linkedin Share on facebook

Investing perspectives

Unicorns: a warning sign for modern-day markets

My fascination with financial markets has recently peaked to a level I last experienced around the late 1990s “dot-com” craze. Share on linkedin Share on facebook

Investing perspectives

Yield curve inversion explained

The inversion of the US yield curve has recently sparked debate across the investment industry of a looming recession. History has shown us that recessions post-World

Economics & Markets

Deteriorating government finances

The National Treasury faces a number of challenges as we head towards the end of 2019. Share on linkedin Share on facebook Share on twitter The

Local assets

Forestry companies branch out of paper

In 2007, Amazon released an e-reader called the Kindle. In 2010, Apple launched the highly successful iPad. These, and similar technological innovations, reduced demand for printing.

Investing perspectives

Boosting private sector housing development

Research into the provision of affordable housing indicates that home ownership not only provides important welfare and social benefits, but is also an important opportunity for