Investment Fund

A private equity vehicle that offers institutional investors the compelling opportunity to achieve strong long-term returns by investing in a diversified range of infrastructure development projects relating to power, renewable energy, transport, storage and digital infrastructure.

Investing with more impact with the
Infrastructure Investment Fund

The Fund is managed by an experienced team of private equity professionals with expertise, deal-making network and proven performance that delivers both commercial and social returns.


The team is at the forefront of impact investing in South Africa, fuelling vital economic growth with tangible social and environmental impacts. We promote socially responsible and environmentally sustainable business practices and implement the highest standards of corporate governance and responsibility.

The Fund suits investors seeking:

  • Access to large-scale infrastructure projects
  • Investment opportunities outside of traditional asset classes
  • Diversification
  • Attractive investment returns
  • To make an impact by investing where capital is most needed to assist with South African economic recovery and inclusive growth.

Why Invest with Us?

Why Infrastructure?

Achieve enhanced, stable, long-term returns by investing in a diversified range of infrastructure projects, while making a tangible and sustainable difference to the South African economy and communities.


We have a team of investment specialists that can help you achieve any investment goal. Whether your money is looking for more certainty, more return or more impact, we have a solution for your investment needs, no matter the time horizon.

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Insight & Opinion

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Your money wants to build a better future by investing in infrastructure


Listen to the fifth episode in our #YourMoneyCanDoMore podcast series about the positive impact of infrastructure investing. In this episode, Bongani Bingwa from 702’s Breakfast show and our chief economist, Kevin Lings, talk about the impact of infrastructure investment with Khudusela Pitje, Chief Executive Officer of New GX Capital Investments. Their conversation focuses on the expansion of SA’s infrastructure, New GX’s rise up the ranks, the best way for institutional investors to get involved in this market and future opportunities.

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