STANLIB to enhance its unit trust technology to world-class standards

By the end of 2022, STANLIB’s South African clients and advisers will enjoy the first fruits of the company’s significant investment in world-class technology. Through these investments, STANLIB’s online unit trust portal will be redesigned to revitalise and enhance the experience we offer clients and advisers.
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We are working with a leading international service provider to enhance our online unit trust technology to international standards. These significant enhancements are tailored to address the requirements our clients and advisers have expressed over time. Once implemented, clients can look forward to a new more intuitive and user-friendly user experience, with improved functionality and transactability.

For advisers, STANLIB’s improved delivery and efficiency should free time spent on administration and enable them to spend more time with their clients.

For STANLIB it means that our journey to becoming future-fit and more technology driven is continuing to the benefit of our clients, advisers and employees.

“Our clients have trusted their financial wellbeing to us” said STANLIB CEO, Derrick Msibi. “It’s a significant responsibility that every STANLIB employee shares and is committed to fulfilling. The technology we use, combined with the commitment and skills of our people are becoming more critical to our success and ability to deliver more value to our clients than our competitors.”

“As we enter our third and most exciting decade, this is really a seminal time in STANLIB’s history,” Msibi adds. “The investments in technology are contributing significantly to us cementing the foundations for our future and adding more value for clients and advisers.”

Implementation is scheduled to take place towards the end of the year, until then we will keep our clients and advisers informed about our progress, every step of the way.

There is a lot to look forward to and we’ll share more information with you soon.

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