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Introducing our new chatbot, STAN

Our new Chatbot STAN will not rest until he has answered your unit trust queries. Look out for him on our site from 1 September 2020
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STAN chatbot

The history of chatbots started in the late 1960s. So, while it is not a new concept to the world, it is new to STANLIB and we are excited to introduce you to our very own chatbot STAN.


STAN – the man who will not rest until he finds the answer.


With STAN’s assistance you will be able to:
  • Check your investment balance
  • Get a statement on your account
  • Download tax certificates and other documentation
  • Go through frequently asked questions to help you with any other queries

Initially, STAN will field basic queries and through machine learning, STAN will continuously learn and evolve to support more complex requirements and allow you to transact.

STAN - Chatbot

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