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Invest for
more certainty

Capital growth may be an important objective but so is the protection of that capital. Learn more about our investment solutions that deliver stable returns in uncertain times.

STANLIB Fixed Income Funds

STANLIB Balanced Cautious Fund

Invest for
higher returns

For long-term capital growth and access to leading global investment opportunities, our new investment solutions managed by J.P. Morgan Asset Management give your money more growth potential.

STANLIB Global Growth Fund

STANLIB Global Multi-Strategy Diversified Growth Fund

Invest for
more impact

Investment solutions that give institutional clients’ money the chance to help eradicate poverty, fuel inclusive growth and protect the environment, all without compromising on return.

STANLIB Infrastructure
Investment fund

STANLIB Khanyisa Impact
Investment Fund

Invest with
More Certainty

Recently, your money’s been acting quite impulsively. One minute, it wants to buy crypto this, crypto that, then the next it wants to buy an expensive piece of virtual art. Your money shouldn’t always have its way. Isn’t it time that your money starts thinking about how it’s going to take care of you one day?


Invest with more certainty to deliver stable returns in uncertain times.

If your money's
acting a little
reckless, put it somewhere safer.

Balanced Cautious

Invest to earn
Higher Returns

If you sometimes find yourself wondering if life’s getting a bit too routine, you’re not alone. Your money’s been thinking about trying something new too. Another investment style, perhaps? Or how about sending your money somewhere internationally?

Invest to earn higher returns long-term and give your money more growth potential.

Your money
wants to see
what’s beyond
the horizon.


Invest for

Lately, your clients’ pension funds haven’t been sleeping well. It’s been lying awake at night, worrying about the environment. Your clients think their money could make more of a difference while still getting a return: maybe helping to build a wind farm, developing transformational infrastructure like better healthcare facilities and affordable housing or funding SMEs to create more employment.


Invest for impact and create a more sustainable future for everyone.

What if your
money grows
oa conscience?

Khanyisa Impact
Investment Fund

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