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A comprehensive range of fixed income funds designed to meet the needs of investors across the spectrum from money market to multi-asset income. These funds are managed by a diverse and skilled team who adopt a truly active approach to fixed income investing.

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Fixed Income Funds

STANLIB’s fixed income funds are managed by a dynamic and highly experienced investment team at STANLIB. The portfolio managers aim to achieve returns by identifying investment opportunities in 

fixed income assets based on the term of the investment, the yield opportunities and the interest rate and inflationary cycles. A robust credit process and strong focus on risk management ensures funds

are protected from the relevant risks. The multi-asset fixed income funds benefit from a truly active allocation. The team leverages the broader skills at STANLIB and our offshore partners.

Why Invest with Us?

Why STANLIB Fixed Income?

Invest with a team unrivalled in size and experience. We analyse the whole fixed income market, giving us a broad view on opportunities and risks. We invest across the fixed income spectrum, offering our clients actively- managed solutions for all their fixed income needs.


We have a team of investment specialists that can help you achieve any investment goal. Whether your money is looking for more certainty, more return or more impact, we have a solution for your investment needs, no matter the time horizon

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STANLIB Income Fund

The fund aims to maximise income returns while providing investors with capital stability over the medium term by investing in a broad spectrum of fixed income instruments.

STANLIB Flexible Income Fund

A diversified income fund with flexibility to invest across a range of local and offshore fixed income instruments as well as local listed property to maximise capital growth and income returns.


A fund aiming to achieve capital growth and income returns by investing in long term fixed income instruments such as government and corporate bonds.


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Credit is crucial to economic growth. Considered risk management crucial to credit investments


Tarryn Sankar, head of credit in the  STANLIB Fixed Income team, explains that credit is an additional source of low-volatility income in a fixed income portfolio, but careful selection and blending is needed to deliver more certainty and more returns.

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