A new supercycle – the clean tech transition and implications for global commodities

Climate change policies may lead to one of the largest redeployments of investment and capital.

An energy revolution is underway: governments have committed to net zero targets and more recent concerns about energy security and high prices are increasing pressure on governments to speed up the energy transition.

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South African National Budget 2024/2025

Against a backdrop of formidable economic challenges, SA’s Minister of Finance, Enoch Godongwana, unveiled his third National Budget for 2024. Considering a landscape marked by high unemployment, weak confidence levels, and pressing infrastructure issues, the Minister navigated a complex fiscal terrain to address the country’s economic woes. With a cautious optimism for growth and a strategic focus on fiscal consolidation, the Budget sets the stage for critical discussions on sustainable economic recovery and long-term structural reforms in the nation.

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STANLIB enters into a partnership to bring much-needed energy to SA’s business sector

Energy Reform Brings Winds of Change

STANLIB Infrastructure Investments, through the STANLIB Infrastructure Fund II, has joined hands with two long-standing and well-established partners to create an innovative new renewable energy platform, Lyra Energy. The partnership will further enhance its clients’ ability to have an impact through their investments.

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Township Retail – the New Growth Engine for South African Property

South African townships buzz with an informal economy, unseen in official data but booming, nonetheless. “Spaza shops,” street vendors, barbers, and more cater to residents’ daily needs. Despite Covid-19, retail tenants in townships even outperformed those in wealthier areas, showcasing the informal “kasi” economy’s strength and potential.

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