Global financial markets remain focused on US inflation and the outlook for interest rates

Despite sustained high interest rates, the US economy continues to outperform. The GDP growth estimate for 2024 was revised higher and is currently around 2.2%, up from 0.9% just six months ago. Although the upward revision was largely driven by the persistent strength of the US labour market, most parts of the US economy continue to record solid growth.

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US Housing market stasis’ threat to GDP growth is under-appreciated

US residential real estate has been on a tear for the last five years, beating global equities and significantly outperforming the total return from global bonds. However, in every boom are sown the seeds of the next bust: after years of rising faster than wages, US property is now more expensive relative to incomes and rents than at any time in its history.

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Offshore investing: Navigating a high inflation and low growth environment

Global equities market volatility update

In this webinar, Michael Bell, Global Market Strategist at J.P. Morgan Asset Management and Caroline Keen, Portfolio Manager within the J.P. Morgan Asset Management International Equity Group, discussed their views on the market environment and how they are navigating uncertainty while finding investment opportunities.

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