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Investing offshore
Diversify your assets by investing offshore.


STANLIB’s offshore capabilities span equity, bond and property asset classes ensuring we offer clients sufficient choice to diversify their local portfolios. Our Listed property team has established deep experience in offshore investing whilst for equity (including balanced) and bond portfolio management we have chosen to partner with global experts. Alignment of culture and investment thinking is critical in chosing an offshore partner while the benefit of “having feet on the ground” and experts in their fields enables us to deliver an optimal offshore solution to our clients.

STANLIB partners with Brandywine Global Investment Management to manage STANLIB’s global bond funds .


Brandywine has significant expertise and a proven track record in bond markets with over 30 years’ experience managing global bonds. They currently manage over $70 billion in global assets and have managed STANLIB’s global bond portfolios since inception. The firm’s headquarters are in Philadelphia, with offices in London, Singapore, San Francisco, Toronto and Montreal.


Brandywine is a pioneer of unconstrained investing and takes a differentiated approach to global bond selection. Portfolio managers use a top-down, bottom-up, macro-driven, value-oriented approach to portfolio construction. The team believes global bond benchmarks are flawed due to their construction methodology, resulting in opportunities for investors.

Our partner in the management of global equity and balanced funds is Columbia Threadneedle, the asset management arm of Fortune 500 company, Ameriprise Financial.


Columbia Threadneedle manages over $400 billion in assets, employing over 2 000 professionals across the globe.  They have a proven track record in global equity and multi-asset investing and are dedicated to generating outperformance for investors.


The portfolio management teams at Columbia Threadneedle aim to deliver competitive, repeatable risk-adjusted returns by taking an active approach to asset management. Portfolio managers apply a quality and growth style strategy, which has produced highly successful results since inception. Using a combination of macro and micro insights, the team appropriately and carefully allocates risk to deliver outperformance. Columbia Threadneedle’s process is team-based and performance-driven.

STANLIB’s Listed Property team depth and breadth of experience and expertise in global property assets is anchored on having worked in various offshore regions as well as regular travel to relevant locations ensuring they maintain “on-the-ground” research to inform optimal investment decisions. 


The team believes that markets are at times inefficient and stock prices do not always reflect all available information. We believe we can use our experience, resources, and expertise to select stocks that will outperform.


We focus on stocks that will provide high and sustainable income and capital growth over time. We ensure our portfolios are well diversified by choosing stocks across different sectors, such as office, industrial and retail space as well as those exposed to different geographies.


Our focus on fundamental analysis means we are not shy to take contrarian views and our portfolios may look different from prevailing market trends and sentiment.

Why Choose STANLIB to manage your offshore funds?

We offer world-class investment expertise in global cash, bond, equity, multi-asset and property funds through our global partnerships.

Global expertise

Our global partners  and local teams are experts in their field with many years of experience in managing funds.

Extensive research

Research teams, spread across many regions and countries, focus on finding the best global investment opportunities.

Client focused offering

We meet regularly with our global specialists, building relationships with their teams so they understand our clients’ needs and expectations.

Optimal outcomes

Our global specialists focus on constructing portfolios that will add value and deliver appropriate returns for each asset class.

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