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STANLIB offers a range of offshore funds designed to meet the needs of investors looking to maximise capital growth and investment returns in changing economic environments by investing in a diversified portfolio of assets across sectors and geographies. Our offshore funds are managed by our credible partners who have feet on the ground and an ability to identify unique investment opportunities – consistently proving their ability to deliver to client outcomes.

Investing to earn higher returns with
STANLIB Offshore Funds

The STANLIB Global Equity Fund offers investors long term capital growth by active investment in a diverse range of shares selected from global stock markets. Following a  quality-growth approach to stock selection the portfolio managers use of a competitive advantage framework to find companies with sustainably high or rising returns.

The STANLIB Global Balanced Fund is managed by a highly experienced portfolio management team who adopt a collaborative and risk-oriented approach to asset allocation, drawing on firm-wide economic, valuation and thematic research to inform asset allocation.

Why Invest with Us?

Why STANLIB Offshore Funds?

Achieve consistent top quartile returns while diversifying your risk by investing offshore. Our range of offshore funds offer our clients access to a multitude of global opportunities.


We have a team of investment specialists that can help you achieve any investment goal. Whether your money is looking for more certainty, more return or more impact, we have a solution for your investment needs, no matter the time horizon.

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STANLIB Global Equity

The STANLIB Global Equity Fund aims to provide investors with long term capital growth from a diverse and actively managed range? of shares selected from global stock markets. STANLIB Global Equity Fund covers markets throughout the world including major markets and smaller emerging markets.

STANLIB Global Balanced

The STANLIB Global Balanced Fund invests in a diverse combination of global shares and securities across sectors and geographies. The fund is suited to investors looking for investment growth from their offshore allocation. The fund maintains a high equity exposure.

Insight & Opinion

STANLIB Global Balanced Fund – An update from our portfolio managers

STANLIB Global Balanced Fund: An update from our portfolio managers

From the dark days of spring to the brighter days of winter

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If your money has been dreaming of a more global lifestyle, why not set it free and see what it’s really capable of when it can access the best global opportunities?


Listen to the third episode in our #YourMoneyCanDoMore podcast series to find out how investing offshore can create opportunities to invest for more returns. Bongani Bingwa from 702’s Breakfast show and our chief economist Kevin Lings are joined by Neil Robson, Head of Global Equities at Columbia Threadneedle Investments, to discuss the risks and rewards of offshore investing and the best ways to find opportunities.


Follow the series for more conversations with guests ranging from futurists to AI specialists to global experts, on how to invest for more certainty, more returns, and more impact!

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