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Khanyisa Impact
Investment Fund

Khanyisa suits institutional investors looking for a sustainable and predictable financial return on their capital while also having a positive socio-economic impact. Khanyisa invests in credit opportunities in the infrastructure, financial inclusion and agriculture sectors.

Investing with more impact with the
Khanyisa Impact Investment Fund.

Invest in a fund where there is no trade-off between achieving compelling returns and making a positive and measurable impact on the South African economy.


Managed by STANLIB Credit Alternatives, one of the largest and well-resourced credit teams in South Africa and the African continent, Khanyisa invests in impact-related assets which deliver capital preservation and sustainable cash yields for investors over the long-term.

Impact investing is central to our investment decisions to:

  • reduce poverty and inequality;
  • increase access to basic services and goods;
  • increase financial inclusion of traditionally marginalised groupings; and,
  • reduce barriers to entrepreneurship.

These objectives link thematically to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals to help meet a wide range of developmental targets by 2030.

Why Invest with Us?

Why Khanyisa?

Achieve sustainable and predictable portfolio

returns while having a tangible, measurable

impact on the South African economy.


We have a team of investment specialists that can help you achieve any investment goal. Whether your money is looking for more certainty, more return or more impact, we have a solution for your investment needs, no matter the time horizon.

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Core Fund Range

STANLIB Corporate Money Market Fund

This fund is ideal for companies needing short-term and operational cash solutions with same-day liquidity.


It’s conservative, investing in SA money market instruments with banks and government only. And a maximum maturity of 13 months and average duration under 90 days.

STANLIB Corporate Enhanced Yield Fund


This fund is suitable for companies with short to medium-term core or strategic cash needs, offering next-day liquidity.


It’s conservative, investing in SA money market instruments from banks and government only, with a maximum maturity of 5 years and an average duration managed internally under 180 days.

STANLIB Extra Income Fund


This fund aids corporate cash investments with over 6-month maturities, offering next-day liquidity.


It invests in money market instruments, mainly floating rate notes, diversified across banks and highly rated corporates.