Cautious Fund

The STANLIB Balanced Cautious Fund is designed for both pre- and post-retirement investors aiming to produce consistent, inflation-beating returns over the longer term. The fund aims to deliver long term growth, while protecting capital from significant losses through diversification.

Invest with more certainty with the
Balanced Cautious Fund

Invest for growth in a diversified fund delivering inflation beating returns and limiting capital loss through skilful asset allocation. This fund is a traditional low-equity balanced fund suited to investors with a relatively low appetite for risk and volatility.

The Balanced Cautious Fund fund aims to deliver above inflation long term growth investing in a diversified spread of local and offshore assets. The fund is managed by a highly experienced team of specialists. 

Why Invest with Us?

Why Balanced Cautious?

Invest in a fund that consistently delivers positive annual returns, by skilful asset allocation between diversified asset classes such as equity, bonds, property and cash, while being mindful of risk.


We have a team of investment specialists that can help you achieve any investment goal. Whether your money is looking for more certainty, more return or more impact, we have a solution for your investment needs, no matter the time horizon.

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Insight & Opinion

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The resilience of balanced funds in volatile times

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STANLIB Balanced Cautious Fund repositions for an outlook of moderating growth


Henk Viljoen, Snr Portfolio Manager of the STANLIB Balanced Cautious Fund, explains how they are adjusting certain exposures in the fund, given expectations that global and domestic growth will moderate from current levels. In its 40% equity holding, the managers favour global equities, including emerging markets and Europe, and domestic banking shares.


Your money can do more, but only if you let it!

The first episode in our #YourMoneyCanDoMore podcast series, considers your money’s legacy. Host Bongani Bingwa from 702’s Breakfast show and our chief economist Kevin Lings spoke to Chantell Ilbury. Chantell is an independent scenario strategist and founding partner of MindOfAFox And together they consider our current reality and how we can invest for the future with more certainty.

Follow the series for more conversations with guests ranging from futurists to AI specialists to global experts, on how to invest for more certainty, more returns, and more impact!

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