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Economics & Markets

The Structure of Market Drawdowns: Part II

The structure of market drawdowns is an interesting concept to inform
investment decisions. This is particularly relevant as we continue to grapple with the ongoing temporary slowdowns in economic activity worldwide and protracted market uncertainty.

Economics & Markets

Green shoots for South Africa’s growth

The South African economy has gone through a difficult time in the last couple of years. It has experienced rising unemployment, persistently low economic growth, rampant corruption, a systematically weakening fiscal position, and a clear lack of policy direction.

Investing perspectives

Consumer spending changes are influencing business models and earnings growth
Investing perspectives

The relevance of equity in a balanced fund

The asset allocation decision within a balanced fund, largely based on the well-known and not always appreciated, concept of understanding the relationship between risk and reward

Absolute Returns team insights

Vaccine Modelling Thought Leadership

The logistics, the costs and the availability of the Covid-19 vaccine bring significant challenges and complexity to a simple solution aimed at leading societies and economies back to health.

Offshore Assets

Has COVID-19 amplified offshore property growth trends

Global property is the largest asset class in the world. Savill s agency estimates that investable residential and commercial property assets had a combined value of approximately US$200 trillion by the end of 2019.

Listed property webinar
Local assets

SA Listed Property – Apocalypse or Opportunity?

In this webinar, STANLIB’s Head of Listed Property, Keillen Ndlovu & Senior Portfolio Manager, Nesi Chetty, discuss the shifting sector dynamics and how property companies could be reshaping to grow.


Investing in Fixed Income

Considered a less risky alternative to owning shares, investors are attracted by the opportunity to earn relatively stable returns, collect a regular and certain income while aiming to beat inflation.

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Our standpoint


As we head towards the end of 2020, a uniquely challenging year in all respects, it’s difficult to pen an introduction to this edition of STANDPOINT without mentioning the pandemic.

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Our standpoint

We are now firmly into 2021, which started with another series of lockdowns worldwide, again causing a slowdown in economic activity. However, significant events have occurred that are likely to shift global economies and investment markets in a positive direction.


In this year’s first edition of STANDPOINT we focus on the changing landscape of the investment environment. With seismic shifts arising from government policies, changes in consumer behaviour, business models and routes to market it’s now even more important to look forward with a fresh lens.