Corporate Cash Solutions
Manage your company’s day-to-day cash flow with an alternative liquid investment solution that offers attractive returns.

With our depth and breadth of technical expertise, we understand that money market and Income fund investments are not a ‘one size fits all’ product.

Today, money market and income funds play a critical role in meeting companies’ short term liquidity needs. With our premium servicing and insights, we are committed to professionally managing your cash providing liquidity, yield and diversification.

Short-term solutions

We manage the largest money market fund in South Africa and our solutions typically offer corporates an attractive yield, above call account rates.

Our team

Bongiwe Khumalo

Head of Corporate Distribution
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O’lerato Veti

Client Fund Manager

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Sindy Mazibuko

Client Servicing Consultant

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Benedicta Nkutha

Client Servicing Consultant

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Our Funds

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Your time is as important to us as your money, which is why we’ve developed a fast, efficient and safe online transaction portal that allows you to manage your corporate cash from anywhere.

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