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Multi-Strategy team insights

Multi-Asset update 2023
Multi-Strategy team insights

The trees are thinning, but we’re not out of the woods yet

STANLIB Multi-Strategy is moving away from the defensive position it adopted in 2022. Our focus is on building portfolios that are able to deliver risk-adjusted returns, but with appropriate downside protection.

Investing perspectives

Multi-asset investing through a different lens

South African investors have experienced a reduction in returns from traditional balanced funds over the last few years, with the 5-year rolling return declining over time.

Investing Offshore

Bonds are Back

Following a global wave of inflation and the steepest rate hiking cycle in memory, global bond yields are at levels not seen since before the Global Financial Crisis of 2007.

Investing perspectives

Absolute Return Funds: A rare balance of growth and risk

An article published on Citywire noted that in recent times the ‘Absolute Return’ funds available to South African institutional investors have largely failed to achieve their CPI-related performance targets.

Economics & Markets

2023 InPerspective | Webinar

In this webinar, Kevin Lings and Warren Buhai, share their views on what investors can expect in 2023 and beyond. They provide fresh ideas and unpack key macro themes and what these mean for markets and investors.

Investing perspectives

New Year, Many Futures

In STANLIB’s Multi-Strategy team we recognise that the future is best understood as a range of outcomes and is constantly evolving.

Investing perspectives

FOMO Investing

In this article we unpack two commonly-held assumptions: that one must be in the market on its best days to have a chance of long-term outperformance, and that market timing is impossible.

Economics & Markets

Market behaviours and recessions

2022 has seen significant index declines from a January peak. The market is potentially pricing in a recession given an increasingly hawkish Fed