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Multi-Strategy team insights

The resilience of balanced funds in volatile times
Investing perspectives

Clouds loom over Emerging Markets in 2022 [PODCAST]

In this podcast, Peter van der Ross, portfolio manager in the STANLIB Multi-Strategy team, argues that Emerging Markets (EMs) may struggle to outperform Developed Markets in 2022

Investing perspectives

Policy GIGO – Living in a time of Noisy Data

The pandemic and its aftermath have thrust policymakers into dangerous waters. Policymakers are currently sailing through a data fog, in which extremes in data points continue to plague traditional mathematical models.

SAA Privitisation
Investing perspectives

Investing perspectives in a recovering world

In this webinar, STANLIB’s Multi-Strategy Portfolio Manager, Peter van der Ross and Senior Quantitative Strategist, Michael Streatfield provide insightful research as we venture into the second half of 2021.

US federal reserve
Economics & Markets

Not your grandfather’s Fed…

The US Fed has made a major change in policy by moving to an average inflation target and reinforcing inclusive employment goals, STANLIB’s Multi-Strategy team explores the impact of this policy change.

Investing perspectives

Vaccine Modelling Thought Leadership

The logistics, the costs and the availability of the Covid-19 vaccine bring significant challenges and complexity to a simple solution aimed at leading societies and economies back to health.

Health Care risks – time for a check-up
Investing perspectives

Health Care risks – time for a check-up

In the middle of a global health care pandemic, with the economy on life support, the health care sector plays a defensive role in portfolio construction.