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Delays processing deceased estate instructions

We are continuing to experience backlogs in processing clients’ instructions in respect of deceased estates. These delays are due to the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) setbacks since their IT systems were hacked as reported on 9 September 2021 (Read more here).


This incident has delayed the DOJ’s processing and issuance of Letters of Authority and Letters of Executorship and has prevented users access to its website.


Both these elements are critical in our verification process and this issue has caused a backlog in processing clients’ instructions.


Since the DOJ’s system was restored, we have been working around the clock to reduce the backlog. We have also taken extra precautions to mitigate risks based on prior experiences with the DOJ’s system and an increase in fraud attempts due to false letters of authority/executorship. We will reach out to you if we need any additional documentation.


Thank you for your patience while we work to clear the backlog and enhance our safety precautions. Our primary objective is to protect our clients from fraudulent activities and provide a positive client experience.


If you need more information, contact us on 080 60123 003 or via

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