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Economic lifelines in 2020. How does SA stack up? [Charticle]

A review of stimulus packages in 2020 relative to size of economy (as a % of GDP)
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  • Unprecedented financial support from governments worldwide to ease the impact of COVID-19-induced lockdowns has been remarkable in both speed and size.
  • Considering the stimulus packages relative to size of economy (as a % of GDP) shows SA is not far behind developed market counterparts.
  • Global markets have also been beneficiaries of the liquidity support and have rallied on the hope of the discovery of a vaccine in the near term.
  • The South African government’s economic stimulus package will undoubtedly support an already fragile economy. What remains to be seen is whether these economic lifelines are enough to stimulate a much-needed recovery

This article appears in the Q3 August 2020 edition of our StandPoint publication. Click here to download a copy of the full publication. 


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