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Navigating Investment Cycles

The market response to COVID-19 has been astonishing, with sharp falls across risk assets, a jolt higher in volatility and a meaningful rise in cross asset correlations. And perhaps these moves are justified, as the cost of a ‘sudden stop’ to economic activity in the short term will undoubtedly be huge. Yet, the global policy response has also been vast, in both its scale and speed.


In this two-part live-recorded webinar, Head of Managed Funds, Alex Lyle and Multi-Asset Client Portfolio Manager, Felicity Long, discussed how the investment team at Columbia Threadneedle have been thinking about, and responding to, the evolving COVID-19 situation and where they see opportunities.


CIO EMEA & Global Head of Equities, William Davies, also joined the discussion and focused on investment style rotations and talked about how they understand and analyse the ramifications of this pandemic to prepare for the potential market scenarios ahead.

Columbia Threadneedle

Columbia Threadneedle

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