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COVID-19: Making sense of the noise with Kevin Lings

Chief Economist Kevin Lings provides an update on the COVID-19 pandemic and its unfolding impact on the global and local economy, and financial markets in this live-recorded webinar.

Kevin Lings

Kevin Lings

Chief Economist


Kevin has over 30-years’ experience and is responsible for domestic and global economic research, and forecasts. Additionally, he provides input into STANLIB’s asset allocation processes and relevant economic research for our Fixed Income, Property and Equity teams.

Key takeouts 
  • Global GDP to record a decline in 2020, even if there is a ‘V’ shaped recovery in H2 2020
  • Unemployment is expected to rise fairly sharply in all major economies over the coming months
  • Any scenario that envisages a snap-back in economic activity during H2 2020 must assume that the current virus-related restrictions are substantially reduced by mid-2020
  • SA will experience a very damaging and extended recession leading to higher unemployment and fiscal deterioration
  • The longer the global shutdown lasts, two critical risks are a major concern. Firstly, deep-seated credit crisis in emerging markets that even the IMF struggles to combat, and the second is widespread social unrest.

Our ways of working have changed substantially during this lockdown period while market uncertainty continues around the globe. Information changes every day and we are continually seeking much needed clarity on how the virus will affect our lives and the global economy. We are committed to help you sift through the noise and make sense of the evolving situation.


Look out for more information about the impact of COVID-19 in our future webinars.

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