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Oct 15, 2018

Local assets

SA property soft-pedals

Large-scale investment to develop and redevelop SA’s ageing property stock into modern premises for today’s high-tech businesses will only occur once economic growth is on a

Local assets

Teamwork to tackle SA’s troubles

South Africans are suffering in this tough economic climate. The savings rate, as well as the return on those savings, is depressed. Something is needed to

Economics & Markets

High noon for SA

The exodus of foreign investment from SA, the slide in the rand in recent months, coupled with the announcement of a technical recession, have heightened pressure

Investing perspectives

Technology breaks the cycle

US economic recovery is entering its tenth year, yet the historical laws of economics don’t appear to be applying. Share on linkedin Share on facebook Share

Economics & Markets

Presidential stimulus measures bring some hope

President Ramaphosa’s “new dawn”, announcement of the economic stimulus and recovery plan and pledge to turn the tide on corruption has created optimism. Share on linkedin