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Jun 7, 2018

Investing perspectives

Global growth remains robust with some downside risk

Most of the major developed and emerging economies grew relatively strongly in the first quarter of 2018. The growth reflected reasonably low interest rates, elevated levels of business and consumer confidence, and a sustained pick-up in industrial production and global trade.

Investing perspectives

In defence of PACTIVE management

In the active vs passive debate, both sides have valid arguments. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. At STANLIB Multi-Manager we’ve had a BOTH/AND rather than EITHER/OR philosophy for the last decade.

Local assets

The outlook for listed property remains positive

Rising US 10-year bond yields and a higher interest rate saw global listed property lose 6% in US dollars in the first quarter of 2018. With the Federal Reserve expected to hike rates at least three more times this year, what will this mean for the global property market? Is the cycle nearing its end or is there still value to be found?