STANLIB Platform: Fund Ballots

The Manager of a unit trust fund may request to change a unit trust fund mandate, close a fund, or merge a fund with another unit trust fund. Affected investors in the Classic Investment Plan and STANLIB Linked Tax Free Savings Plan will be required to vote for or against the request in a ballot. For the Classic Retirement Annuity Fund, and the Classic Preservation Plans, the Trustees of the product will vote on behalf of the investors. Liberty Group Limited will vote for the Classic Linked Life Annuity.

Ballots in progress:

Unit Trust fund ballots: Upcoming and in progress

Unit Trust Fund Name Requested change Ballot closure date Proposed implementation date Details of change
Allan Gray Optimal Fund Migration to clean class 31-Dec-18 Allan Gray PDF

Should a ballot pass and be implemented, the change will automatically take place on affected investors accounts.

The table below contains information of ballots which have been completed in the last two months, and the date on which the fund changes, if applicable, will take place.

Unit Trust Fund Name Requested change Ballot closure date Implementation date Trade freeze period Details of change
Counterpoint SCI Global Equity Feeder Fund Management Fee decrease to 0.10% per annum 01-Nov-18 Sanlam PDF
Prudential Global Cautious Managed FoF
Prudential Global High Yield Bond FoF
Prudential Global Value FoF
Changes to the Prudential rand-denominated global funds 26-Oct-18 Prudential PDF
STANLIB Multi-Manager Bond Fund
STANLIB Multi-Manager SA Equity Fund
STANLIB Multi-Manager Absolute Income Fund
STANLIB Multi-Manager Defensive Balanced Fund
STANLIB Multi-Manager Real Return Fund
STANLIB Multi-Manager Balanced Fund
Change in fee structure 07-Dec-18 SMM PDF
STANLIB Property Income Fund Benchmark Change 01-Oct-18 STANLIB PDF
Prescient Stable Income Fund Fund name change from Prescient Stable Income

Fund to Prescient SA Income Provider Fund
Nov-18 Prescient PDF